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Hi everyone! :dance:

First of all I want you to check out this Rainmeter community "warning" message!
There is some weather skins out there that updates to much, (we are slowing down accuweather servers). But I can tell you, if you´re using some of my skins you don´t have to panic ;) my weather skins always updates once in a hour as default!

And now to some more serious stuff :(

Becuase the summer holliday is over and I´m back in high school again my time for creating skins reduces :/ .
Don´t cry :p I´ll not stop creating skins, you´ll just don´t see me uploading new skins as often as before ;)

well, thats pretty much it.
Have a nice day :)

p.s If you have some ideas for skins don´t hesitate to contact me, I need some help with the imagination ;)
A new Rainmeter version have been available for a couple of days now, all you who didn't knew, please download and istall it now!…

why should I update? Becuase new skins will probably contain new functions that not works in the old Rainmeter versions

I can also tell you I've some new skins cooming up ;)

/ Albin

yes, New stuff on the way! And it's very cool stuff! I'll give you a sneak peek.
If you take Moxx.Pack, put it in a bowl together with VixxPack. Add some "Total new layout", "new ideas" and "new functions". shake it. And what will you get? Ioxx Pack ofc!

so stay tuned, Ioxx coming soon! just be patient ;)

Also I want to thank Karen for feature me at her page

Yes, a new pack are on the way!
Currently I'm working my @#¤& of ;) and it's almost done.
I don't know if it really is a "Pack" because there's currently just two .ini files... but, there is two very coooool .ini files :P
A new feature in this new skin is the weather, because the weather info in this skin comes from and thats a big step for all you rainmeter users out there. But I and the folks at rainmeter community have tried to do our best and make it easy for you with this change.

alright, enough for this time. Have to sleep some hours now.

Watch out, always new skins on the way!
back from holiday... and first thing I'll see is that has cut down the XOAP XML, this means there will be problems with all weather gadgets for rainmeter. sad :( . I'll try do my part and solve this problem, so we can all just wait and hope it will be solved soon.

enough with

Updates for woxxbar will come up soon, (depends a little bit on so stay tuned, WoxxBar 2 coming soon! :p

I'm also working with some new ideas and configs, so stay tuned here too

/ Albin
right now I'm working with updates both for Moxx.Pack and WoxxBar. The update for WoxxBar will include many cool new functions, things that you people have been asking for and much more!
For Moxx.Pack will some new gadgets be added, like RSS reader. Also click functions for CPU and RAM.

so Stay Tuned :D
/ Albin

Right now I'm working with my largest Rainmeter pack ever! This time is it not just a single note or battery app, it's a Complete pack with all you can dream about ;) I will not say too much but I can reveal that it ofc contains functions like the "hide" and "Show" ability, The "more notes" function that you found in my QozzNotes and much more.

I have pretty much coding left so I don't really know when it will be released :p . But maybe I will post a little demo or screenshot on it in the future.

well, that's it I think. If you don't hear from me for a while it means I'm working hard with the new pack and are little busy ;)

stay tuned!
yes, it's true ;)
Later tonight (Swedish time) will the new Toxx skin be released, ToxxWeather!!!

probably the last Toxx Skin for a while, because I have some new plans on Rainmeter Layout, that I think can be realy nice :p

well, stay tuned ;)
And see ya later.
I have now released ToxxNotes and ToxxPic :) !
And maybe I will make som more Toxx-applications when it's time over ;)

And if you have any suggestions on what I can do for Rainmeter, I will see what I can do. You now, my imagination is kind of running out now :p

well, have a nice day and stand by. You never know when a new skin will appear :)
new design, the Snotes is released!!! And tomorrow will a new package be released! I call it "QozzNotes", and I'm sure, you will not be disappointed ;) It has a new feature you never has seen on my other note skins! So stay Tuned :p
the NoxxNotes has been released. And right now I'm planning some new desingns for rainmeter, both for "notes" and maby for some other measures in rainmeter. So stay tuned ;)